10 LOT #10: ROAD 725 KM 4.9

AIBONITO, PR Beds | 0 Baths $ 131,000
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t from the heat and humidity typical of the island’s lower elevations. Accessibility: Road Access: Typically, properties in this region have access via local roads, which might be winding and narrow but are usually well-maintained. Proximity to Town: Llanos ward is likely within a reasonable distance to the main town of Aibonito, where you can find amenities such as shops, restaurants, schools, and healthcare services. Potential Uses: Residential: Ideal for building a family home or a vacation retreat, with plenty of space for gardens, outdoor living areas, and even small-scale farming. Agricultural: Suitable for growing a variety of crops, particularly those that thrive in cooler, mountainous climates such as coffee, certain vegetables, and ornamental plants. Eco-Tourism: With the growing trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly travel, the property could be developed into a small eco-lodge or retreat center, capitalizing on the natural beauty and tranquility of the area. Community and Culture: Local Community: The area is likely characterized by a tight-knit community with a strong cultural identity, where local traditions and customs are still prominent. Cultural Attractions: Nearby, you might find cultural sites such as local festivals (like the Festival de las Flores), historic landmarks, and traditional Puerto Rican architecture.

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Property ID: 41893
MLS Number: PR9106940
Status: Active
Price: $ 131,000
Bathrooms: 0
Floor Area:
Year Built:

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